Sinethemba’s primary activities are a means to an end by providing basic skills acquisition for the youth to become self-sufficient in the long term and ultimately becoming apprentices to various business concerns in Knysna.

Day-Care Drop In Centre situated in Khayalethu catering for children and youth at risk (7-18 years), including out of school youth, school drop-outs, children living and working on the streets and children suspended from school.
Sinethemba caters for a wide variety of people within the community, a brief synopsis includes:

x 1 Programme for 60 community members and family members of children on the dangers for children living and working on the streets. Child Protection Month awareness activities and 16 days of activism of violence against women and children.
Family Strengthening & Support:
x 1 Parental Responsibilities and Rights for parents of children attending the Drop-In Centre as well as the Adolescent Development Programme at Schools.
Preservation services-home visit support, material relief, counselling and guidance. Parent Skill workshops for parents of children attending the Drop In Center. Developmental Programme for vulnerable children who are at risk in the community and those
Living and working on the streets:
Social & Life skills, counselling and guidance, educational support, Sport and Recreation, assistance with personal hygiene and laundry, provision of x 2 meals per day, Care plans for each child to be developed, referrals of children requiring statutory intervention, holiday programs.
The Organisation’s human and physical resources, finance, service delivery, administration and branding are managed by the Board of Governance existing of an Executive Board and Management Committee. The Director of the Organisation reports to the Board of Governance at the Quarterly Board meetings and to the public at the Annual General Meetings.
Records of Registers that are being kept – daily attendance of the children, staff daily signing in and out, program attendance registers, donation registers, complaint register, visitor’s register, maintenance register, Minutes of staff meetings, management, Board and AGM Meetings.
Financial monitoring is done through separate ledger accounts for DSD and other funders.
The Organisation account to donors and the community through Newsletters, Email updates, Annual Reports, Tax Certificates, Newspaper articles and the website, stakeholder meetings, quarterly progress reports.
Organisational Reviews are being done through Case review meetings, Strategic Reviews, individual Staff.
Supervisions and Performance Reviews as well as Strategic Planning. Internal Safety, administration and Communication.
Audits are done regularly. Overall Organisational Monitoring & Evaluation is done by the Department of Social Development’s Monitoring & Evaluation Directorate.
To ensure sustainability of the Organisation funds are secured from the Department of Social Development as the principle funder and through donor funding from local and overseas contributors as well as support from local businesses. Other donations are received from StreetSmart SA and through the Knysna Municipality Grant in Aid funding.

These activities see Sinethemba working with an average of 30 youth per day.

Sinethemba has already put more than 189 children back into school since its inception. It excludes our most recent success of re-integrating back to school 6 children during the first school term this year.