1. School Holiday Programs:
Through fun, recreational and sport activities ,Sinethemba offers a variety of school holiday events throughout the year. The aim of these events are to keep children off the streets and equipping them with valuable life skills such as dealing with conflict, enhance communication skills as well as development of talents. It is for age groups 7 – 18 years
2. Street Soccer Project:
Children are taught teamwork and communication skills.
3. Volenteering:
Sinethemba has dedicated staff who are specialists in their field of expertise. They add immense value to the mission of the Organisation. Sinethemba has dedicated and specialised volunteers who adds to the success of the Organisations. Long term volunteers must be screened and cleared against the Child Protection Register.

– Social Workers
– fundraisers
– teachers
– Skills trainers e.g. welding, sewing, cooking
– life and social skills
– Sport


Teach children and youth at risk to read and write
Help with job preparation
Assist with the Vehicle fundraising Project
Assist with the school holiday and community awareness events

Activities include:

Educational program
Sport coaching
Coaching in Arts, music, dance, drama to stimulate the children

We welcome foreign volunteers but only for a minimum of one month.
All volunteers must be over 18 years of age.
They must provide Certified copy of their passport as well as a Police clearance from their

4. Anti-bullying Program
5. Marimba Band